Project details

Project name:

Project aims: Improved services of existing small ports to improve local and
regional mobility and contribute to tourism development

Project description and activities:
  Common cross-border challenges the project aims to address are related to navigation safety, cross-border information exchange, port service quality and standards and marketing in the Baltic Sea region (BSR). The objective of SmartPorts project is to improve and integrate small ports’ network by:

  1. integrating region's small port network via modern ICT solution (implementation of systems that facilitate the cross border information exchange and cooperation – this has never been done before);
  2. harmonize quality of existing services by investing into port technology, safety- and environment protection equipment;
  3. long term joint (cross-border) marketing tools and activities in order to double the number of visitors by the sea.

This project integrates different stakeholders (ports, NGOs, local governments etc) in BSR to fully exploit the knowledge, experience and synergy of every participant. The method of the project is worked out by experienced sailors, port operators and cruisers of Latvia and Estonia (with a lot of help and advice from other Baltic Sea Cruisers), they know, what to want from the next port to set sails for.

A number of activities will be implemented - from modern ICT network solution, investments into harbour infrastructure (safe navigation, crucial port services and facilities, docking and environment protection) and to marketing and promotion events in project region and target markets.

Outcome of the project is an improvement in level of services in 16 ports, in 4 countries (services are harmonized) by end of 2017, increase in number of foreign visitors by the sea (doubled by 2020), increase in length of stay of foreign visitors by the sea (doubled by 2020).

Ports are: Port of Purtse, Kärdla, Kalev Yacht Club, Lõunaranna, Kõiguste, Pāvilosta, Mērsrags, Liepāja, Ventspils, Roja, Salacgriva, Skulte, Lielupe, 1 port in Sottunga kommun, 2 ports in Archipelago (Lidö and Arholma).

Lead partner: MTÜ Eesti Väikesadamate Arenduskeskus

Other partners: Kurzemes plānošana s reģions, Rīgas plānošana s reģions, Jūrmalas ostas pārvalde, Mērsraga Ostas Pārvalde, Skultes ostas pārvalde, Salacgrivas Ostas PĀrvalde, Pāvilostas ostas pārvalde, Hiiu vald (Kärdla sadam), Sottunga kommun, Archipelago Foundation in Stockholm County, Eesti Spordiselts Kalev Jahtklubi, Liimala Sadama Arendus MTÜ (Port of Purtse), Lõunaranna Investeeringud OÜ, Kõiguste Marina MTÜ.

Amount of funding and its source: Total budget is € 1 455 657,60. Project is partially funded by ERDF (Interreg) for € 1 225 259,96 (84,17%). The rest is financed by project Partners. Projects’ budget follows equal allocation of resources and is based on every partner’s essential investment needs and requirements.